What is a rubber compound?

It is a homogenous mixture of ingredients and additives used in a particular Rubber Product manufacture such that the properties of most of the ingredients are unchanged in the final product whereby providing a defined set of mechanical properties. It is converted into a dough like mixture which is called "compound" then milled into sheets of desired thickness. Rubber may then be extruded or molded before being cured.

What are some of the additives that are combined with rubber during compounding?

Rubber is first compounded with additives like sulfur, carbon black and accelerators. Lubricants are one necessary additive for compound production. That improved compound flow and release. Kennwu expertize in its rubber technology development that can formulate a compound that suit your applications and needs.

What is a Compounding?

It is the process of selecting and combining polymers and additive to obtain physical and chemical properties for a finised rubber product that suite its application.

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