KENNWU In-House Compounding

Kennwu has enhanced our customer service by establishing our own in-house compounding facilities. We can develop & mix material to meet up customer requirements and specification indeed with a shorter lead time depending to the requirement standard.

The Custom Rubber Molding of our compounds (formulations) is custom made for customer application. Although we have many “standard” materials, every part has a specific formulation.

Our Common Use of Elastomer:

  • Silicone (Si)
  • Viton (FKM)
  • Nitrile Rubber (NBR)
  • Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM)
  • Natural Rubber (NR)
  • Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
  • Polyisoprene (IR)
  • Polyurethane Rubber (PU)
  • Neoprene (CR)
  • Hydrogenated NBR (HN)